SEO Gold | ‘New Leading Edge’ Internet Marketing Company in Maryland

SEO Gold  was founded by Mark Lovett to provide an accelerant to online business growth for existing, and new,  web design clients.

After building a successful WordPress website design | development service that creates amazing state-of-the-art responsive websites, Mark Lovett Web Design, Mark recognized the need to help his many clients promote their new websites online.

After all, what good is a stunning website if nobody knows about it.

After becoming frustrated with the low technical skills of most SEO’s/Internet Marketers, who are generally salespeople that don’t know the difference between CSS and HTML, Mark determined that because of his extensive web coding background, he had an exceptionally strong foundation to provide a much more beneficial SEO and Digital Marketing experience for his clients. Hence SEO Gold was born!

Come enjoy our New ‘leading edge’ SEO Digital Marketing experience, unhindered by high pressure ‘SEO’ salespeople with little web skills. It really works well!